We are Bea and João, both from Portugal. We met in January in 2015, while we were both volunteering on a private game reserve in South Africa. We both had a lot of things in common, like our passion for wildlife, so it was almost love at first sight. We started dating that summer.

Since we met, our main goal is to find our way back to Africa. And also to protect and preserve this beautiful planet we have! We have been working on that… getting more knowledge and experience. It hasn’t been easy, it’s been a lot of hard work, long-distance but we believe that is where we belong.

While we work on our goal, we have decided to create this little space, a little community, where we would like to share our love for the incredible wildlife we have on this planet, and the need to protect them, as well as, protecting our home.

Because we believe that education is the key to conservation.

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Since a young age, I’ve always been crazy about animals, so it is no surprise I have a big passion for protecting and seeing them in their natural habitat.

I have a degree in Biology and a master’s in Conservation management practices.

I am also really passionate about sustainability. Due to my love for this planet and animals, I’ve decided to follow a mainly plant-based diet… trying to avoid, as much as I can, animal products.


From a very early age, nature has been a part of my life. I always loved to share my stories and adventures, so I discovered photography and filmmaking.

I have a degree in Tourism and I’m a Qualified Nature Guide in South Africa.

Showing how wonderful our world is, especially Africa, is my goal. Let me show you what you are missing.